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Starting your own webshop

Everyone shops online. If you want to start selling your products online, a user-friendly webshop will be indispensable. When starting a new webshop, you will have tons of possibilities. A good webshop starts at the development of the webshop. Your webshop needs to be findable, easy to use and fast. We at Hosternate will develop a webshop that meets these requirements. With a great design and functional CMS, you can easily manage your webshop yourself and you will be ready to start selling products online in no time.

Every business has their own ways of working. We will try to incorporate these ways into the webshop. This way, you can easily manage your webshop products and orders yourself, anyway you'd like.

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Webshop development for your company

Whether you have an existing webshop, which is outdated, or you would like to start a new webshop, we are happy to help you. Of course, the new webshop will be developed to your company's standards and style. No corporate identity yet? We are happy to help you with that too. Thanks to our team, we can serve you very well. Of course, the webshop has to meet several requirements. It must be easy to use for your customers, but the shop must also be easy for you as an owner to handle. In addition, it must be possible to shop on both desktop and mobile devices and you also want to be found by search engines in order to achieve optimal results.

How We Work

Phase #1
Design Phase

After we have an understanding of your company and your needs, our designers will get to work on designing your webshop. The first design will be discussed and any changes will be made until both parties are satisfied.

Phase #2
Development Phase

After approval of the design, our developers start the development of the site. They will pay attention to usability and search engine optimization. You will receive a link so that you can view and evaluate the webshop during your own time.

Phase #3
Completion phase

When the webshop is ready on the technical side, we will start with the content of the site. You can supply texts and images yourself, but we also have a team of copywriters at Hosternate who can turn your thoughts into reality.

Phase #4
Testing Phase

Before your webshop goes online, it undergoes an extensive final check. This way we can be sure that your webshop will work optimally and that any forms will work, and we will make sure that your webshop can be visited from any device.

Phase #5
Deployment Phase

Once your webshop has successfully passed the testing phase, we will put it online. Of course we will offer you support if you want to have anything changed.

Webshop development by Hosternate

Are you dreaming about having a webshop? Would you like to give your old webshop a new look? Then get in touch with us. We would love to help you achieve online success. Our experienced team consists of experts with different areas of expertise. So we can get rid of all of your worries. You have come to the right place for webshop development. Make an appointment today and start your road to online success together with Hosternate.